Hi, I’m Au.

I’m currently into free-diving, poetry, photography, local indie movies, and tv series. I sometimes do watercolor painting, but there are way more misses than hits. I had a mountain climbing phase which I may or may not return to. Same with my running phase, badminton phase, frisbee phase, (the very brief) tennis phase, and all other things I sometimes get into without knowing how or why.

I very rarely say no to outings, so my weekends are almost always full. But please, ask anyway.

This is the music I listen to.

If you like my writings/photographs, I’d love it if you tell me so, and even more when you elaborate why.

I’m a software engineer by profession, but if you ask me computer questions, I’ll prolly just google it, so might as well google it yourself. It’s faster.

Thank you for stopping by.


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